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ein unmenschlicher Vertrag

–– zur Abschrift ––

fotografiert von Jochen Weller am 16.8.2000 in Namibia

Agreement (1930):

Mr. Hermann Tietz undertakes to transport from Ondongua to Tsumeb by motorcar any native labourer recruited by Mr. Cope and to deliver them without undue delay to Messrs. Kronheimer Ltd., Tsumeb, as Agents for the Chamber of Mines, Luderitz. It is agreed that only boys who have been carried the full distance and actually delivered to Messrs. Kronheimer shall count as transported in the sense of this agreement.

The service shall be an uninterrupted through-service and it shall not be permitted to drop any native at any point of the road for transshipment in another car unless the other car is immediately available.

The charge shall be 5/- (five shillings) for each boy, for the full journey, in respect of A an B boys, whereas C boys shall be carried free of charge; and it has been agreed with the S. W. Administration that these 5/- shall be recoverable from the boys as a first charge on their first earnings.

Luderitz Chamber of Mines and the Northern Labour Organization Ltd. undertake, each for themselves, to collect above 5/- from all transported boys who are allotted to them, provided however, that they shall not be responsible for any shortcomings in the event of boys dying, deserting or otherwise failing to earn sufficient money to repay the 5/-.

Mr. Hermann Tietz undertakes to run the service with a sufficient number of cars to cope with the recruitment, and he shall take his instructions from Mr. Cope as to how many cars are required from time to time.

Mr. Hermann Tietz undertakes to hold all native passengers insured against accidents on the road, in accordance with existing laws.

Mr. Hermann Tietz undertakes to render proper accounts through Mr. O. Emmrich, Tsumeb, or other appointed person for all transported natives, separately to Luderitz Chamber of Mines and the Northern Labour Organization Ltd.

In consideration of this agreement, Mr. Hermann Tietz undertakes, when carrying returning labourers from Tsumeb to Ondongua, not to charge more than 35/- per head for the full distance, including 75 lb. luggage. Any luggage in excess of 75 lb. to be charged at the rate of 12/6 per loo-lb.

It is definitely agreed that the transportation of returning labourers (from Tsumeb to Ondongua) must not interfere with the transportation of goods for the Ondongua Trading Co. who shall always have first call on available accommodation.

This agreement is a provisional one, subject to additions and modifications as soon as it becomes necessary. It can be terminated by either party by giving one month's notice. It terminates automatically if Mr. Hermann Tietz fails to comply with any of the above conditions or the Administration withdraws his permit to enter Ovamboland.

Any dispute arising from this agreement shall be settled by arbitration, each party nominating a deputy who shall nominate an umpire. If they cannot agree on the umpire the O. C. Native Affairs, Tsumeb, shall be called upon to act as umpire.

This agreement takes immediately and confirms and replaces the previous verbal agreement between Mr. Cope and Mr. Hermann Tietz.

As Witnesses:
(sig.) W. Hanna


Tsumeb, den 4. Juni 1930.
(sig.) H. Tietz

Grootfontein, 6. Juni 1930.
The Northern Labour Organization Ltd.
(sig.) Schoenfelder

Luderitz, 27. Mai 1930.
Luderitz Chamber of Mines
(sig.)       (sig.) K. Blam [?]



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